The following shows details on how to watch series online for free here at My Watchseries and the navigation features of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Main Menu

1. Home – this is the main page of the site where you can see the most popular shows in various genre (from comedy, drama and more) plus a list of the newest series added on the database.

2. Series – here you can find the complete list of series that is stored on the database.

3. Newest Shows – a list of recently aired series.

4. Support – contains the contact page that allows you to contact us whenever you find problem using this free online tv project.

5. TV Schedule – contains the list of episodes that aired yesterday, today and the following days.

How to search?

1. If you’re looking for a specific series to watch, just use the search box found at the top right most of every page. Just type the name of the show and press Enter key or click “Search” button to see a list of shows that matches your entered keyword.

How to watch?

1. After you found and click the name of the series that you’re looking for, you need to click a specific episode to see a list of links to watch it or you if you want to see the latest episode, you can simply click the “Latest episode” found  right before the summary of the series.watchseriesfaq1

2. After you choose an episode, a page will appear listing all available links that you can watch. Just click on “Watch this Link” or “Download episode” to open the link.


3. After that just, click the button “Click here to Play” as shown below. This will open the video link and that’s it you can watch the episode on the said links. Just make sure to click the proper Play buttons and ignore “ads” on the said sites.


Why videos do not work for me?

1. You need Flash Player or DivX Player. Both of these programs are used everywhere online, are small and will not affect your computer. You should download them.

You can download them here:

Note: MyWatchSeries is not affiliated to these sites.

Why does the video often stop and say “Buffering” or “Loading”?

1. The speed depends on many things such as connections. We suggest you let the episode load, press pause, and let it load for a couple of minutes in the background, and then you can start watching it.

2. Make sure you are not using other software that are used for downloading like IDM and torrent programs. Close them for much smooth watching. Usually these programs affects the speed of streaming videos.

How add or share my own link?

1. You need to be a registered user before you can do this.

2. If you still don’t have a user account for the site, just click on Login->Register. It requires you to specify a username and an email address. The email address used for verifying your account. Don’t worry we will not spam you, we also hate spam!

3. After that, login to your account. Then go to a specific episode where you want your link to be added. Links are usually visible in a couple of minutes.

4. Please avoid sending wrong links for it will cause your account to be suspended or banned forever.

If you have any other questions regarding the site, you can contact us via the SUPPORT page.

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