G - Game of Thrones - Season 3 Episode 5 - Kissed by Fire

In King's Landing, with the help of Littlefinger, the Lannisters discover the Tyrells' plot to marry off Sansa Stark to Loras Tyrell. To prevent the union, Tywin Lannister plans to marry Sansa to Tyrion, and Cersei to Loras instead, despite Cersei and Tyrion's protests. At Dragonstone, Stannis visits his wife, Selyse, to confess about his infidelity, only to realize that his wife has always known and approves it. He then reveals to his daughter, Shireen, that Davos is imprisoned, and she sneaks into the dungeon to visit him and teaches him to read. In Riverlands, the Hound defeats Lord Beric in trial by combat and is released, angering Arya Stark. Gendry decides to stay with the Brotherhood, and Thoros and Beric plan to ransom Arya to her brother, Robb Stark. At Riverrun, despite many objections, Robb Stark decides to execute Lord Karstark after he murdered two captive Lannister boys. With the Karstarks abandoning him, Robb plans to make a desperate alliance with Walder Frey. Beyond the Wall, Jon Snow struggles to earn the Wildlings' trust while holding back the imperative information. Later, he and Ygritte have sex. Across the Narrow Sea, while on the march, Daenerys Targaryen's Unsullied select Grey Worm as their leader.

Aired: 28 Apr 2013

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